Select productions that have benefitted from our work.


Kink On Set was instrumental in developing the public BDSM scenes featured in Showtime's hit series, coaching actors Paul Giamatti and Maggie Siff on their characters' motivations and mindset, consulting on production and set design,  as well as providing heroes casting and equipment on location. 



Queen of the night

Olivia Troy led a series of workshops for Broadway's extraordinary immersive theater production that taught performers how to create "an atmosphere of dominance" -- in other words, getting audience members to say "Yes" to the unique and intimate experiences offered during the performance. She also worked directly with Katherine Crockett ("The Queen," pictured), helping her create a compelling space for her one-on-one interactions with select members of the audience.




For the 2010 Broadway show starring Zach Braff, Bobby Cannavale, Sutton Foster, and Ari Gaynor, Olivia Troy hosted a tour of a working professional dungeon, explained scene dynamics, and advised the actors on movement, speech, and character.