Here's what Kink On Set's creative partners have to say about working with Olivia Troy. 

Billions  director, Neil Labute

Billions director, Neil Labute

I had the pleasure of working with Troy as a technical advisor on the television series BILLIONS.

Her work was outrageous, brave, and sensitive, and she did the job with real grace while putting all of the cast and crew at ease during a delicate and difficult scene. Troy is the real deal —someone who takes her work very seriously but makes it feel like you're having a wonderful, relaxing time doing it. I would happily work with her again and again.

Christine Jones, director.  Queen of the Night.

Christine Jones, director. Queen of the Night.

As part of our rehearsal process for the immersive night club experience Queen of the Night, we engaged Olivia Troy to do a workshop with our cast to explore ways in which our performers could relate to audience members that were both intimate and assertive. She came extremely well-prepared, was able to work with a large group as well as with individuals one on one. Her blend of poise, confidence, expertise, and playfulness had us all enraptured. We felt like we had been visited by the Oprah of the SM world. It was truly eye-opening and inspiring.

Katherine Crockett, performer, The Queen.  Queen of the Night

Katherine Crockett, performer, The Queen. Queen of the Night

I first met Olivia Troy during the creation of our immersive theater show Queen of the Night (QOTN). It was an incredible pleasure to get to work with her to develop the mood of our show and in particular, my character of the fiercely dominating and powerful Queen.  One of the most important and unique aspects of our show is what we call "One on One Experiences," in which one audience member gets chosen by one performer for a personal, private performance. In these intimate performance interactions we seek to challenge the audience member beyond their expectations, to encourage them to “say yes" to new experiences, be present with them with an open heart, and explore the edges of their own boundaries. Troy helped each of us to develop this ability, where we as the performers are comfortable dominating the atmosphere and interacting with the audience in this power dynamic. Particularly my character, as the Queen, for each night, the space must become my domain, my Queendom and the audience members, my royal guests. Through working with Troy, I learned that establishing such a power dynamic, creates a space not of intimidation, but rather the opposite, a space of mutual confidence, of trust, of openness and willingness, a place where the individual audience member is not only saying “yes” but practically begging to be chosen for the adventure.  Troy's years of experience and honed instinct for human nature through her work have given her this rare ability to connect to each individual energy uniquely and be absolutely present with them in the moment. She has a fluid and natural sensuality that is commanding yet, intuitive and connected to the individual, sensing what they are feeling. The same atmosphere of trust that she has helped us to create in our show, she creates when you work with her.  A space of openness and non-judgment. She is honest and yet sensitive. You feel like there is no question that is off limits, or too “out there” and if you're smart you’ll ask that question because she most likely knows the answer, or has some advice that will inspire you. She certainly has been an inspiration to me, both onstage and off, awakening within me a sense of empowerment and confidence, to adventure into that thrilling ride of the unknown.